Army Sergeant First Class Jimi McMahon reason for joining the US Army: “I was in NYC when the Towers fell. I lost two good friends that day.” SFC McMahon served in Iraq and in Afghanistan in the period of December 2000 through March 2012. He is a Purple Heart recipient and was referred to Furnishing Hope by his mentor at Military Warrior Support Foundation.

Through April 2005 to April 2006, SFC McMahon experienced several IED blasts. As a result, he suffers from multiple TBIs, PTSD, cognitive disorders, migraines, memory loss, and a sleeping disorder. After his release from the hospital, SFC McMahon found himself without a support system. Living on his own, his lab-chow, Izzy, keeps him company.  His plan for the future is “to survive and the live the best I can.”

After everything SFC McMahon has been through, “being alone in an empty home is depressing. I would love to sit in my kitchen and eat a decent meal. I would love to watch TV on a couch in my living room or den. Instead of living in my bedroom, I would love to be able to have my family come visit and have an extra bed or two for my children when they come visit.” Furnishing Hope plans to ease his suffering by turning his empty space into a comfortable home.

Furnishing Hope transforms empty spaces into peaceful and comfortable homes complete with furniture, mattresses, bedding, bath and kitchen ware. All of this is provided at no cost to our wounded heroes.  We are proud to have furnished over 180 homes for our severely wounded military families in nine states and 30 cities across the US! We are planning to furnish SFC McMahon’s home in July, 2015.

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