U.S. Navy Hospitalman Nicholas Tubbs’ reason for joining the US Marines: “I wanted to make a difference, I saw the violence caused by war and knew it was my duty to help. I saw marines getting wounded and killed and could not sit at home while this was happening. I had to be one of the few they called “Doc.”’ He served in Iraq from 2005 to 2009. HN Tubbs has received several awards, including the Purple Heart. He has a young daughter who lives with him part time, and they may soon get a dog. HN Tubbs was referred to Furnishing Hope by his mentor at Military Warrior Support Foundation.

We asked HN Tubbs about the day he was injured, “One of our Marines had been fatally wounded the morning of 5 July 2007 from a gunshot wound to the neck and head. Radios were going crazy all day so batteries needed to be replaced. Our batteries were located about a mile from our patrol base so two Marines and myself set out on foot to get replacements for the platoon. By this time, the day was almost over and the movement had settled down, so we thought. We were crossing an open field to get to a bridge that we needed to cross when we heard an explosion nearby. Not knowing what it was, we stopped and took a knee to evaluate the situation. That’s when we heard the whistling from mortars falling around us, and then the explosions. We quickly retreated to the closest tree line and ditch to get in some kind of 360 degree defense position. At that point I realized I had been hit with shrapnel in the forearm. We made it back to the patrol base and I was taken to the forward operating base to be evaluated and treated. I was lucky.”

Today, HN Tubbs is working in an oil field near Spring Texas and hopes to move up quickly in the industry. We asked what it would mean to have a furnished home: ”This would be a blessing beyond the description of words. To my daughter and myself, this would finally give us a place to call home and give us both a place we can go to for peace, relaxation and comfort away from the stress of everyday life. It will give us a sanctuary where she and I can create memories. Aside from all of that, it will take a tremendous amount of stress off of myself financially. It really would be life changing.”

Furnishing Hope transforms empty spaces into peaceful and comfortable homes complete with furniture, mattresses, bedding, bath and kitchen ware. All of this is provided at no cost to our wounded heroes.  We are proud to have furnished over 180 homes for our severely wounded military families in nine states and 30 cities across the US! We are planning to furnish HN Nicholas Tubbs’s home in July, 2015.

Please donate to Furnishing Hope and help HN Tubbs and other heroes’ transition back to civilian life.

UPDATE:  U.S. Navy Hospitalman Nicholas Tubbs “Home in a Box” arrived in mid August.

“She loves her room!! To all of you that have helped furnish our home, THANK YOU! Words can not describe the gratitude I have. You all have made it exciting to come home and most importantly, put a smile on my daughters face. She now feels like the princess she is!! Thank you all again so much!” – U.S. Navy Hospitalman Nicholas Tubbs