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Are you a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your contributions are tax-deductible. Tax ID No. 20-0049351

How does Furnishing Hope receive funding?

We are privately funded, we receive donations from corporations, foundations and individuals in the community.

How do I make a donation?

You may make a donation using your credit card online here, or you can mail a donation to our office at:
Furnishing Hope
2109 South Wright St. Unit F
Santa Ana, CA 92705

I would like to donate furniture, are there items you will not accept?

Our recipients have have suffered physical and emotional traumas serving in our military or as victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. We believe they deserve the very best we can give. At this time we are not accepting used furniture donations. We grateful to have the support of furniture manufactures, retailers and designers within our community and are able to provided our recipients with new items. If you would like to discuss this further please contact

I am unable to volunteer, are there other ways I can help?

Yes, we need help raising funds and acquiring items that we are unable to get donated. Hosting a baby shower for a new mother or having a garage sale and donating the proceeds to buy mattresses can be a fun and rewarding way to help.

What is an Installation?

The day we spend moving furniture and supplies into a home, we call an installation. An installation day involves volunteers on site moving in furniture, making the beds, unpacking accessories, washing and organizing kitchen supplies, etc.

What exactly do you provide?

When a recipient is ready to leave the hospital, has been awarded a home or secured independent permanent housing the family faces the prospect of moving into a completely unfurnished house. Furnishing Hope loads a truck with furniture, accessories, art and supplies arrives at the house and turns an empty house into a home. Our recipients and their families can literally walk in with only a tooth brush and be comfortable. A typical home furniture package would include: sofa, recliner, coffee and end tables, TV console, dining table and chairs, bedroom set with mattress, foundation and frame and bedroom sets for the children and or nursery the baby. Kitchen setups include everything to prepare, cook, serve and eat a meal and bed and bath setups include everything to sleep and shower.

How can I apply to have my home furnished?

Most applicants are forwarded to us by Family Readiness Officers or our partner non-profits. To receive an application please email Beth Phillips at Phillips at

  • "My kids now feel at home and I am comfortable."

    - Stuart Fuke