Our Purpose

We provide furniture and supplies to children and families in crisis.

Our Mission:

Furnishing Hope was founded to provide furniture and supplies to children and families in crisis.


Furnishing Hope is a privately funded non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping severely wounded heroes who are transitioning from the hospital to civilian life. Though they have roofs over their heads, their houses are often empty – literally no furniture or comforts. Through the efforts of a volunteer staff, including volunteer interior designers, Furnishing Hope transforms their empty spaces into peaceful, comfortable homes, complete with furniture, new mattresses, bedding, kitchenware, etc.  All of this is provided at no cost to our wounded heroes.

Our Goal:

In cooperation with the military, since 2011 Furnishing Hope has furnished over 100 homes for wounded military heroes. This year, with the help of Living Spaces we plan to furnish 100 more.  We understand the tremendous challenges our military men and women face and we want to be a part of their recovery. We CAN and WILL make a difference.

Our Vision for the Future:

  • We envision a Furnishing Hope branch near each of the 18 military hospitals in the US now receiving wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • We envision a Furnishing Hope in every city or county where homes are built for  returning military, veterans and low income families
  • We envision the ability to quickly ship a “Home in a Box” to provide comfort to those in crisis anywhere in the country. 

Furnishing Hope exists to create a much needed nurturing environment so that families can recover from their loss, adjust to their disabilities and build their future. We turn houses into homes, with design and care.

Furnishing Hope is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-denominational,  organization.