“My house feels like a home, I am able to get better sleep and focus more on getting better”

Angel Price


Furnishing Hope steps in to help women and their children when they have broken the cycle of homelessness. These women have worked for months if not years on their individual recovery from traumas related to domestic violence and human trafficking. Furnishing Hope believes the path to independence takes courage and determination, we support these women by providing them and their children with the furniture and supplies they need once they secure permanent housing.

  • "It was literally a miracle. I prayed that I'd be able to make my home comfortable for my son, and my prayers were answered. Now he can have friends over and study and do homework in peace and comfort and focus on being a kid, which is the most important thing for me. And I can rest easy at night in my own bed knowing that my home is complete."

    - Bree

  • "Having my home furnished by Furnishing Hope made me feel secure again. Being able to tuck my son in to his very own bed each evening, makes me feel like the mom I used to be, before we became homeless. - I see how happy my son is to go home. - I feel balance, at ease... organized and proud of my home. - the sense of pride both my son and I feel when we are home, is indescribable, at best. - Robyn, her mom and the other helper's at Furnishing Hope were beyond wonderful! - My son and I pray every evening, at dinner, and we always include Furnishing Hope in our prayers! Thank you all so very much for making my son and myself feel happy in our home!!!"

    - Alicia

  • "My kids and I are so grateful. We don't have any family and no one has ever really given us anything. For us to have something we needed so badly makes me feel relived. My kids come home everyday and are comfortable. It is so wonderful. Our home is a home now, thank you. "

    - Teela

  • "It is much more than I could expect. They turned my apartment into a real sweet home. My children are so happy with their world now. We all want to go home after a long day."

    - Nguyen