“It was the greatest blessing we could have ever received. I’ll never forget walking into our newly furnished home”

Jeffrey Farah

Wounded Warriors

  • Full of essentials, a “Home in a Box” has been shipped to 50 veterans in 19 states.
  • To date, 250 veterans and their families have received furniture and supplies.
  • 98% of all Furnishing Hope contributions goes directly to veterans.
Marcos Luevanos Army Specialist
Period of Service: 2004-2012

After 9/11, Marcos Luevanos joined the army to serve his country. As a Cavalry Scout, he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division and the 2/11 Squadron at Fort Irwin. After an IED blast in 2006, he lost hearing in his right ear and sustained traumatic brain injuries.
Furnishing Hope has helped Marcos, his wife and their two daughters by making their space a comfortable place to live, and he hopes to pay it forward to his fellow veterans in any way he can.

“This is an amazing organization. If wasn’t for them, my wife, my daughters and I would still be sleeping on air mattresses. Thank you guys so much.”

George Ceja E-3/Sergeant
Period of Service: 2009-2013

Born in Santa Ana, George Ceja joined the Army in 2009 to challenge and improve himself, and to support his single mother and three younger siblings. During his deployment in Afghanistan, he served as a Cavalry Scout and sustained several traumatic injuries in 2011.

George was discharged in 2013 and came back home to continue to support his family, while they helped him through his recovery. He moved once their situation stabilized, and reached out to Furnishing Hope to help him furnish his empty apartment. Now, he aspires to become a Canine Handler for Homeland Security, an Air Marshall or a Nutritionist.

“It was amazing. Till this day, I walk in and I get a big smile. Feels like I actually have a home to come to. Furnishing Hope did an amazing job. I never would have pictured my apartment looking how it does today. I am very grateful and honored for Furnishing Hope to help not just myself but my family.”

Jeffrey Farah E-4
Period of Service: 2004-2011

Having joined the Navy to better himself, Jeffery Farah served on the USS Ronald Reagan as an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.
He was discharged in 2011 after sustaining several injuries.Now, a husband and father of two, Jeffery plans to get back to work and make his family’s life better. Furnishing Hope has been a part of ensuring that dream comes true.

“It was the greatest blessing we could have ever received. I’ll never forget walking into our newly furnished home. I cried tears of joy. Our house is now a home. We are forever grateful for all the wonderful people who came to help. Thank you is not enough for all that was done for me and my family.”

Will Makaafi E-4/Corporal
Period of Service: 2007-2011

Will Makaafi joined the Marines in 2007 to serve his country and make a difference. As a rifleman, he served in Karma, Iraq and Sangin, Afghanistan, where he sustained traumatic brain injuries and severe combat stress and anxiety.

Will’s wife and son have since been his support system, helping relieve his emotional and physical wounds as he recovers and looks forward to a future where he can lead a normal life, finish college and start a business. Furnishing Hope has assisted in his healing by providing Will and his family with the comforts of home.

“It felt very surreal that this organization would help alter my personal life that affects my daily living. I was going through a number of emotions, I felt emotionally happy, relieved, excited and grateful!!”

Michael Ortiz Army Specialist

During a routine patrol conducted 10 miles north of Baghdad in 2008, the ground beneath Michael Ortiz’s vehicle exploded and left him with a closed-brain injury and severe spinal cord damage that paralyzed him for months.

After he was discharged, the former Army Specialist and his wife, April, were awarded a house through the Military Warrior Support Foundation, and Furnishing Hope helped make it a home in 2013 — while they were expecting their first child.

“The scariest thing for everybody is to be forgotten. For people not to care anymore. So when anybody takes the time to do something like this for any of us, it makes it, I don’t know how to explain it…I feel very lucky, very blessed. It feels good. Life is good.”